Faces Of Online Gambling – Point Spreads Explained

To learn about sports gambling, you must first understand the point spreads. Many people have a fascination with betting terms but do not understand the meaning of them. After we explain what point spreads are, we’ll be ready to dive into the exciting world of sports gambling!

What is the Point Spread?

There are usually two teams in any football or basketball game. The teams in these games are seldom exactly the same, meaning one team has a greater chance of winning than the other. Betting on the winner is a popular bet, but smart gamblers would always bet more on the team that has a better chance of winning.

Las Vegas’ sportsbooks wouldn’t accept bets if everyone could win! Here is where point spreads come into play. By adjusting each final score according to the point-spread, the basic purpose of the point-spread is to equalize the odds of each winning team 2up app. This adjustment gives you the Against the Spread results (ATS for short).

The Point Spread: How to read it

New York Giants 7, Philadelphia Eagles

As the stronger team is considered the favorite, it will be expected that they win. They must therefore give the points or lay them to the team who has the lower score. With the addition of the minus symbol, the favorite team is also listed along with their number.

Eagle bettors will have a positive ATS result if the New York Giants win their game and win it by a margin of more than seven points. Eagles bettors will win their wager if Philly wins by any number of points.

It is possible that the score will end up exactly at the number of the spread. (Example: The Eagles are 28-21 winners when the spread is -7). This is known as a no-action or push and bettors for both teams receive refunds.

When a game is stated from an Underdogs perspective, a plus sign and the number of points they are underdogs by will be listed. The Underdog in this example (the Eagles) does not expect to win so the team that has the higher point spread gives them the extra or bonus. If a game’s point of view is the Underdogs, then the Underdogs team will be listed along with their underdog score (example : Eagles+7 vs. New York Giants).

Remember that Philly +7 is the same as New York -7, but the points are stated in a different way.

The Mathematical Conclusions

A mathematical approach can be helpful for some. By subtracting from the score of the favorite (with the minus sign in front) you can find the ATS score. The point spread can be added to underdogs’ scores by using the plus sign (before the number).

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